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“Put my life into boxes…”

Photo of my stuff all packed up“…this is my last night here” (with sincere apologies to Papa Roach)
Tonight may well be my final night in room E23, which has been my base in Bradford since September. My parents are coming tomorrow to pick up me and my stuff and take it all home – TV, VCR, stereo, computer, clothes, crockery… we’d probably be taking the kitchen sink too if it wasn’t already provided.
While some stuff still has to be packed, for the most part I’m ready to roll. I’m not leaving halls entirely, since I may need to stay over just in case people invite me out next week, but this weekend is probably the best time to go. After all, most people are going home next weekend (so I’ll beat the rush), and I won’t be bored off my arse here all week. After all, at home I get broadband internet and multi-channel cable widescreen TV – here I get flaky 56k dial-up and 5-channel portable TV with variable reception. And Bradford’s only an hour on the train – if I need to go back I can probably be there with as little as 2 hour’s notice.

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