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Mindless Modems

Bah. I’ve spent probably the last month trying to find some way of disabling ‘Modem on hold’ for my dial-up modem, but never found the option for it. I’d have though it would be under XP’s own Phone and Modem Options control panel applet, or at least under the Modem applet that the modem driver installed. But no, right at the very bottom of the list, is a new applet – V.92 settings, presumably installed when I updated the modem drivers last month. ‘Modem on hold’ is a V.92 feature (yay, I have a V.92 modem, go me), which would be great if Bradford’s dial-up service actually supported it. But it doesn’t – only V.90. So not only is uploading slow, but when someone tries to ring me (or, a more likely explanation, the modem thinks someone is trying to ring me when actually they aren’t), I get disconnected. Which is great when you’re 10MB into an 11MB download and don’t have a download manager running :-/ .
At least now that I’ve found the darned option I’ve been able to fix it, so all is calm in the world of modems. I’m just slightly annoyed that it’s taken me nearly a month to find this, especially as I go home in two days and may not ever need to use that blasted thing again.
Don’t you just love the law of the sod?

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