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I logged onto MSN a few minutes ago, and instantly had 3 people message me about MSN Messenger Plus. My user name at the moment is Neil T. – Do NOT download the latest MSN Plus extension – it has spyware! (just to raise awareness) – looks like quite a few people are worried about it.
Hopefully now that I’ve modified the pages on this site which refer to MSN (which come fourth and fifth for the Google search ‘MSN Messenger Plus‘) to point out that the program has spyware, and offered a link to the article on, more people will realise this. While I’m not starting a hate campaign against Patchou, I hope that he will remove this in future versions and instead request donations or something similar. I appreciate that the component is optional, but the popularity of programs like KaZaA show that the most users are oblivious as to what spyware is or how it affects them. And the fact that is actually considered a trojan horse virus by some anti-virus vendors (including the popular AVG Anti-virus) shows just how low Patchou has stooped here.
It’s ironic that one of the main reasons why I use this program is to remove the advertising that MSN puts in – with this spyware included it’s like fighting fire with fire. Only the second fire is harder to remove.
And on an unrelated note, Stephen’s has been added to the blogroll :).


  1. I’ve never actually used “Plus” and I get annoyed both those that do and change their screen name color. All I see is a bunch of numbers.
    About a month ago I started getting spam over MSN almost hourly so I had to find an alternative. I never did like Trillian so I gave Miranda a try. I’ve been very pleased so far with the simplicity and ability to customize. MSN now has a history but the best feature is I haven’t gotten one spam message in over a week.

  2. Mirandi IM looks interesting. Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out.

  3. Just get trillian…covers all the IM protocols all in one program. One of the few programs I’ve registered.

  4. I am already a Trillian user, but as you’ll find if you search for ‘Trillian’ on this blog I have trouble using it – MSN doesn’t work at all through it and the other networks only work if you connect before 6pm in the evening.
    It’s strange, but I only have to put up with it for a couple more days. Then I’ll be back onto Trillian full time.

  5. Hmmm, Trillian does nae like me either – must be something I said.

  6. I have tried Trillian on 2 occasions and did last longer then a day on either. There is just something about it I don’t like and can’t stand to use. I went back to multiple clients both times until I started using Miranda (so far, so good).

  7. last post correction: “did last longer” should be “didn’t last longer”

  8. Trillian gives me no problems, except for one. If a friend uses an older version of icq, I can’t message them. Fortunately, there is only one person with an old icq version on my contact list.
    In terms of KaZaA, I would say that it is a great network, but you need to use KaZaA Lite to protect yourself from spyware/adware.