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Inno Setup 4

At one point in the past, I got quite involved with Inno Setup – actively contributing to the newsgroup and doing my best to promote it as the best way to deploy applications. That was forcefully ended when my addiction to the newsgroup resulted in a monstrous phone bill, yet since getting broadband at home I haven’t got back in there. But we still use Inno Setup in X-Setup because it uses the standard Windows wizard dialogs, and it’s argubly the most powerful free installer there is.
Anyway, a new version – version 4 – is in beta testing now, though admittedly it has been since April but I’ve only just come across it this morning. It has many features backported from Martijn Laan’s IS Extensions, including Pascal Scripting and multiple language support (so you can deploy one installer with several languages).
No doubt when we finally get X-Setup 6.4 out of the door (we’re working on Windows Server 2003 support) we’ll be using this.

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