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Messenger Plus – don’t bother

According to Andy, the latest MSN Messenger Plus! has spyware. And, according to, it is the component, which is one of the most difficult to detect and remove. As such, I now withdraw my recommendation for this product and will alter all pages on this site which promote it to reflect this.

I’m sorry, but I cannot endorse programs which take over peoples’ computers and invade their privacy like this.


    I received and executed by mistake the Messenger Plus! 2 software written by Patchou. A few days after the installation of the software i tried to access my hotmail account and noted that my password was changed without my consentment, therefore i lost alla access to my account. I am pretty sure this was caused by some spyware included y the so called Mesenger Plus!, first because when i click the “about Messenger Plus!” menu I get a suspect message saying that this program does not work with my version of MSN messenger (6.0) because ” microsoft modified some things that prevent Plus! to do it’s work” and second because i’ve heard about a program that could do exactly this.
    So, finally, heres my question: does anybody has a remove tool for the Messenger Plus! 2 by Patchou? (‘cos off course it has no unistaller and i want to be sure there’s no more spyware in my pc)
    if somebody has some information about this send mail please. tnx.

  2. I approved the comment above/below without editing but then felt I needed to add my own information.
    I very much doubt that the password to your hotmail was given away by the use of the spyware components in hotmail – its more likely to be via other methods such as flaws in older versions of software you were running or having a easy password to crack.
    From the homepage – “If you do not want to keep Messenger Plus! on your computer, it’s easy to uninstall it (note that the uninstaller has been improved since version 2.10). In Windows, click on StartControl Panel and select Add/Remove Programs. In the list that will be displayed, select Messenger Plus! and click on Remove. Messenger Plus! will be uninstalled quickly from your system. Program files will be removed only after you restart your computer (generated logs won’t be removed automatically).”

  3. Here is a copy of their privacy policy, You would pretty much have to be a moron to agree to this, but morons are what make the internet interesting. Thats my thought. ZZ
    Sponsor program agreement (you are allowed to refuse and proceed without installing the sponsor).