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Lull in the action

I apologise for the fact that I’m blogging for the sake of sticking to my ‘at least one entry per day’ rule here, but I haven’t found anything else that’s interesting enough to post.
I’ve had a mostly quiet day – slept in until about 8:30am after an uninterrupted night’s sleep. Spent lunchtime emailing a certain SEO to tell them to stop them from submitting mirror domains to the ODP repeatedly and then cleaning up their mess. The same company, which I will not name, also does web design, yet their pages do not work properly in Mozilla and the markup has some bizarre tag attributes that I’ve never seen before (47 errors when put through the validator). The site is also totally inaccessable as the main navigation system is done entirely in JavaScript – only the email links use standard anchor tags. I wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole personally, but it seems several other unfortunate souls have.
That’s my rant over and done with. No real plans for this afternoon but I do have a final coursework essay in for Friday that hasn’t been done yet, so I might do that.


  1. go on, go on, go on….tell us who it was…or do we have to play a guessing game?

  2. Actually I got a very polite and apologetic email back from them, so I think it’d be unfair to slag them off.