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Form Frolicks

(Jake, this is about HTML validity – you may wish to ignore it 😉 )
One of my aims was to get the individual archive pages to reach XHTML 1.1 validity. Currently, they’re valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional, but, being the demented little web geek I am, I just wanted to go that extra mile.
So I did. Sort of. You’ll see that it reports 1 error – the use of the ‘name’ attribute in the comments form instead of ‘id’ (name was deprecated in XHTML 1.0 and has been subsequently removed from the spec). So why is this here?
Simple. The ‘Remember Me’ code won’t work without it. It’s strange – I’d have expected the ‘id’ and ‘name’ attributes to work interchangably – but, for some reason, it doesn’t. Maybe it’s a JavaScript thing, but either way, it’s annoying.
In unrelated news, the amount of spam to my older email address (myrealbox) has gone up quite considerably over the past few days. Until recently it was maybe 2-3 messages a week, now it’s that figure per day. Still, it doesn’t matter too much – I’m going to retire that address soon anyway. And it’s stayed relatively spam free since it was opened in August last year – it’s taken 9 months to reach the stage my older hotmail account reached in 3. That, incidentally, is now used for filling out forms on dubious sites, where I suspect my address might get passed on to others.

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  1. Consider it ignored 😉