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Plugged in and ready to go

I’ve added not one, not two but three plugins to my MT installation today. Admittedly, two of them are almost exactly the same, but that they’re from different sources.
First up is BlogPings from David Raynes, which is used to display the current total number of trackback pings received for all entries on the blog. MT already has a built-in function that does the same thing for comments, but not for trackbacks – this plugs the gap. You can see it at the bottom of the side bar – at time of writing, it was standing at 37 pings.
Then there is MTEntryIfComments, which gives you an extra level of flexibility when no-one has left a comment. Until now, I had a problem due to the use of ordered list tags on the comments page – if there were no comments, there would be an empty pair of tags, which falls foul of HTML validity rules. Thanks to this, if there are no comments, those empty ol tags will be hidden, and replaced with a message saying there are no comments. Cool, eh?
Finally, there’s MTEntryIfTrackbacks, which is basically the same as the above, except for trackback pings instead of comments.
The addition of these two plugins should now mean that the individual archive pages validate properly, but I’ll check to make sure when I have a bit more time to spare.

One Comment

  1. You’re no fun, man. I’ll stick with my invalid code, thank you very much 🙂
    (just try running those validators on my site, and watch them throw a fit)