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This is just a general ‘how I’ve been doing lately’ post – it’s not about anything specific…

The Matrix Reloaded – went to watch it last night at Cineworld. I do agree that the storyline was better in the first film than in this one, but colour me impressed by the effects. Some of the camera movements were amazing – had that been on a 3D Imax screen it’d have actually felt like you were moving. If you can see it in a cinema then I’d recommend you do – you can’t beat watching it on a big screen with surround sound. I did think some of the fighting scenes went on a little too long, and I spent about half an hour on the edge of my seat at one point. I’d hate to think what that’s done to my blood pressure. But on the whole it was well worth the £3.50 I paid to watch it.
The annoying thing was is that the trailer for Matrix Revolutions was to be shown at the end, which meant sitting through about 15 minutes of credits. While I can understand creditting the actors and producers, did the accountants, actors’ drivers and tea ladies really need to be included? And even then the trailer was only 30 seconds and not hugely interesting. Still, I’m looking forward to part 3.
Mozilla 1.4 RC1 – been running it for a while now. It did seem a little slower on startup but other than that it’s working well. No bugs found yet and it hasn’t crashed.
Photo of my new SmartMedia card and card readerSmartMedia card – my 128MB card arrived this morning! Had a bit of fun getting it to work though. Initially it was fine, but then I somehow messed it up when mounting it in Linux (yes, it does work in Linux), to the point at which my camera wouldn’t do anything with it in. No amount of reformatting it in Windows would fix it. I was about to kick something when I decided to boot back into Linux at take a further look at DiskDrake.
There, I was able to kill the existing partition and reformat it as DOS FAT16. Although the camera wasn’t completely happy with this new setup (it wouldn’t open any of the photos I’d saved on it), formatting the card on the camera itself seemed to do the trick. Although the camera is now slower than it was with the old card, it now works fine, and I’m able to download the photos from the card fine on my card reader in Windows, which with its USB connection is a lot quicker than acquiring the images using TWAIN and a serial connection.
I couldn’t see the photos in Konqueror on Linux for some reason but I’m guessing it’s because the camera uses its own derivation of FAT16 or something. Still, I’m impressed at the number of file systems DiskDrake supports – name any OS from the past 15 years and it can create a file system for it. Even OpenVMS and Minix are included (in expert mode). It’s in a different league to Windows’ pathetic built-in disk management tools.
Interestingly, despite buying them from different eBay users, the card and the card reader are both made by the same manufacturer: PQI. I’ll be leaving positive feedback in both cases, seeing as I’ve had good dealings with both sellers – better than some professional online retailers… *cough* Jungle *cough* Comet *cough*. Sorry, I seem to have become a bit wheasy all of a sudden, must be my asthma…
Fire Alarms – final tally for this morning was 3, however one was a definite accident. Still, 0 would have been nicer. This is the fifth night in a row where my sleep has been disturbed by it, and I’m really not happy about it at all. No wonder so many people are going home this weekend.
Temperature – I think today is the warmest day I’ve had in Bradford – it’s 30 degrees celcius in my room (over 80 degrees F) and that’s with both windows open – the first time that’s happened since September. Not that I’m complaining of course – if the nice weather could stick around for a bit longer it’ll be no bad thing – but I’m just a bit peeved that I have to be cooped in here to use the internet. If only I had a wireless connection and a decent laptop bettery…
Plans for tonight – I reckon I’ll be staying in, for the reason given above. That, and lack of sleep caused by the reason above. And there’s lots of stuff on telly tonight, including the first round of Big Brother evictions. I reckon Jon’s going tonight, which is a shame because he’s a really funny guy. I’ve not voted because I can’t decide who I want out – they’ve all been relatively nice to each other this week. We’ll see what happens when the numbers start to diminish…
So that’s my life at the moment summarised in 741 words.

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  1. There is a good review of Matrix Reloaded on (check out the actual mistakes, too .. it’s quite amusing). I’m a big fan of Matrix, and I have to say that I was impressed by the second part of the trilogy. I believe it’s impossible to compare the first and the second parts, since one flows into the other to make an astonishing story.
    The long fight scenes show the directors’ and actors’ skills. The Chateau scene – 5 minutes of ass-kicking, and you could see there were very few fragments in the fight, which means that Reeves had to practice the moves so many times, he could do the entire sequence flawlessly.
    Anyway, I should stop talking now.
    P.S. Matrix: Reloaded comes out on IMAX here in Canada in about two weeks 🙂