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Stay calm… start breathing…

The fire alarm was, fortunately, of the singular variety last night, which meant I got an otherwise reasonable night’s sleep before this morning’s exam. While it would have been nicer if it hadn’t gone off at all, had it gone off a second or third time I think someone would have to die.
The exam was alright – I didn’t do spectacularly well but I probably did enough to pass. Had I actually revised the right things I’d have probably done better, but hey, it’s too late now. There was a nice quadratic equation in there, which brought back memories of GCSE maths – back when I could actually do the work I was set. Ahhh…. *cue dreamy sequence*
Spent a couple of hours in the pub after the exam chatting and working out which questions I’d got wrong, and now I’m eating my lunch back in my room. Yes, I know, it’s half past two, but it’s not my fault that we went to the pub that didn’t serve sandwiches….
Tonight should be fun as, with a bit of luck, I’ll be going to see both X-Men 2 and The Matrix Reloaded at the cinema with some of my fellow coursemates. My next exam isn’t until Monday so I have some time to kill, but many of my friends still have monstrous exams ahead so I imagine they’ll be staying in this weekend, to revise. And sleep.

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