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Come again?

Screenshot of DrakConnectI had another attempt at getting el-modem-achi to work in Linux, this time using the DrakConnect wizard. I noticed it now has an option to create a connection using a ‘Winmodem’, but sadly, my winmodem isn’t one of those supported.
The irony is that it tells me to visit (see the screenshot), which is a great site, but seeing as I can’t connect to the internet, it’s a bit useless. Oh, the irony.

Other Linux hardware annoyances that I bumped into today included my digital camera. Mandrake has built-in support for the Fujifilm DX-10, but it doesn’t support the USB to Serial converter that I need to use to connect it to the system, so I can’t use it.
Then there was the printer. To its credit, it recognises it correctly and goes about installing the necessary packages for printing, but it insists on downloading them from the web. And, of course, my modem doesn’t work, so I can’t download them. But then Windows was the same (I had to download the drivers), although at least I could get my modem to work.
The printer problem should, with a bit of luck, be solved when I get home, where I can use my parents’ broadband connection to download everything, and the camera problem partly solved by the SmartMedia reader, which arrived this morning. Both Windows and Linux recognise it but neither will let me read the card that came with the camera. Hopefully the one that I bought on Sunday will be more useful, when it arrives.
But at least the sound now works fine – I even get to hear the KDE startup noises, which is nice. And I dare say the sound driver actually produces better quality output than its Windows counterpart – certainly the sound is sharper and clearer.
And as you can see, I worked out how to take screenshots in Linux today. In fact, I’m glad that a good screenshot program was included – certainly it beats just having the Print Screen key, as you do by default in Windows. Another nice touch.
Once I get home I should have chance to get myself more adjusted to Linux. Whether I’ll switch to using it full time remains to be seen, but the more I use it, the more impressed I become.

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  1. Yeah, it’s one of those catch 22’s of software/distro that’s new, like Mandrake Linux.
    I had that on my machine for a while and was impressed, but had to uninstall it, ’cause my comp is too slow.
    Reinstalling it as soon as I upgrade my processor (which will be never – le sigh)