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Supporting Movable Type

Another part of my birthday money went on a donation to Movable Type. I gave over the $20 (£12.50) to get a recently updated key, so when I update this blog it should poll to the MT home page, and I’ll appear on the list of project donors.

Why did I donate? Well, firstly, Movable Type is something that I use every day – you can see that by how often I post. If I only used it once or twice then I may not be so inclined, but I almost rely on it, so I felt it was only right to show my gratitude for the effort put into it.

The fact that it is open source, and that donations are optional, was another factor – had this been shareware, I doubt I’d have even thought about using it. It’s well programmed and I haven’t uncovered any major bugs in it (apart from a few Trackback quirks in earlier versions).

The fact that I get greater publicity and possibly money off Movable Type Pro when it is released was also a factor in my decision. But £12.50 isn’t much, really, considering what I’ve got out of it.

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