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How skilled are you at MT-Do?

Presumably a play on Tae-Kwan-Do. For all you Movable Typists out there, find out how good you are at the black arts of Movable Type. Here’s me:

1. Dan Black Belt

You are a novice. An experienced one. The road that lies ahead is no less long and winding than what it was, but your sense of direction is better than it was when you started your career as a practitioner of MT-Do.

Take the MT-Do test

So it’s not great, but then I don’t know any Perl or PHP. I did install it myself, though :). Found by the way of Kadyellebee.


  1. Poll: Do you know MT-Do?

    I’m a 2 strip dan at MT-Do!

  2. Right on …. I got the following:
    Master, 8. Dan Black Belt
    You are among the brightest of stars. You have actively contributed in moving the limits of what MT-Do both was and is.
    I think what I’ve done is nothing compared to some folks are doing with it, but I think I’m doing pretty well with it.