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The morning after

Photo of my new disco ballThanks for all of the happy birthday messages yesterday :). I didn’t get many presents – chocolate, two pairs of socks, £15 of book tokens, £55 in cash and a disco light from my friends here, which strangely something I’ve always wanted! There’s a photo of it over there.
Photo of me with a big grinI’ve already spent some of my birthday money over at eBay. Firstly, I’ve bought myself a new SmartMedia card for my camera. It only came with a 2MB card (but then it is an old camera), which means you can only fit around 8 high quality images on it. £22 bought me a 128MB one, so I can now take hundreds more (over 500!) :-D.
Secondly, I got a SmartMedia card reader – the camera only has a serial connection, which is slow. £11.50 gets me a USB card reader that (I think) installs as an external drive in Explorer. It’s a bargain, in my opinion.
The intention was to go out last night, but unseen forces worked against us, so in the end we came back, ate pizza and chatted. Which means I still have some money left and my clothes don’t stink, which is always good.

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