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Another interesting thing I found in The Guardian today was this: “Office opens up to newcomers“. It looks into alternatives to MS Office, but focuses on The print edition even includes a screenshot of the latest OOo 1.1 Beta, which looks like a definite improvement with the introduction of what look like Office XP-style toolbar buttons (as used in other programs like SmartFTP and Shareaza). It also has full PDF export support and Impress presentations can be exported as Flash animations, which I can forsee being very handy.
I’d like to install this beta but because I need the programs for work I’d rather have something that worked correctly. That, and downloading 60MB on a 56k connection that cuts out every 2 hours is my idea of hell.
Although the Guardian do regularly come out with articles, it’s nice to have such a big one devoted almost entirely to it. The suite is perfectly adequate for me, and saves me from paying £100 or so for the student edition of MS Office. I hope that having read this article, others will think the same way.

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