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Another Neil Turner

Having a dead common surname means that there are probably many other people out there with my name. In fact, I’m one of 100,000 Turners in the UK, as I found in October.
While there may not be so many Neil Turners, it seems one of them lives in Wolstanton and Staffordshire, and he’s also a Guardian reader (last letter on the page). It was mildly amusing when I picked the paper up this morning to find that in it.


  1. I’m a Neil Turner too…..based in Hertforshire

  2. I am a Neil Turner as well,based in Michigan,U.S.A

  3. Hi my name is Neil Turner and I’m an….
    Oh no, sorry wrong meeting!

  4. I am a Neil Turner also! I live in Oxford UK

  5. I’m a Neil Turner too! I live in Queenstown, New Zealand