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Limey Satire

When you think of Internet satire, you probably think of The Onion or perhaps maybe the sadly defunct SatireWire (articles like Foot-and-mouth believed to be first virus unable to spread through Microsoft Outlook and Americans annoyed by “all this International @$&#” on the Internet made it a minor internet legend).
Well, us limeys now have our own: The Brains Trust. The article about what will happen if Britain doesn’t join the Euro is quite amusing, mainly because it typifies the problems the pro-Euro lobby are having in getting people to change their opinions (45% of the population are strongly against joining, according to a Guardian poll yesterday, which is a shame. I blame the Daily Mail). According to the medical research unit of the group, every 60 seconds 3000 people die because the UK is not in the Euro.


  1. I agree, the Daily Mail has a lot to answer for.

  2. A nearly-new UK Satire Site has also sprung up in the not-too-distant past: has been attempting satire, spoof and parody since December, and, a little more relevant to this thread, has a “Eurocracy special” – check it out at !
    The Brains Trust may get tens of times more hits than us… But soon…!