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SoBig Strikes Again

Variant B of SoBig is now in the wild – Andy was hit by it yesterday – and today MyRealBox blocked an email for me with the worm attached. Note that the worm is also known as Mankx and Palyh, but it SoBig B is probably correct as it is very similar to the original SoBig virus that is still on the rounds.
Like the last one, avoiding this one is easy – if you get an email from with an attachment ending with a PIF (Program Information File) extension, do not open it. Similarly, avoid an emails from
Quite why anyone would want to send a PIF file by email anyway is beyond me – in effect they are just shortcuts to MS-DOS programs but because Windows is able to execute them they are often used as way of spreading malicious code. If you can block emails with attachments, adding a *.PIF filter will almost certainly do you no harm.

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