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Snob Status

Am I a Snob or Not?:

48% Snob
You haven’t quite cut that snob mustard, Neil. Being 48% snob doesn’t make you properly stuck up but nor does it condemn you to burn in middle-class hell. Unless you want to hang in snob limbo forever, brush up on those P’s and Q’s, buy yourself some fruit knives and start lying about your education quick.

I was expecting it to be lower than that – Richy only got 39%. Must be because I’m British.
Originally from, which is another site based on Ciaran’s Jounal script.


  1. Hey: are you saying I’m NOT British? 🙁 *pout*

  2. HAH. I’m only 37% snob.

  3. Your link to Richy’s blog entry is wrong – you used A HRE instead of A HREF for the link. 🙂