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Shareaza gets more powerful

My P2P weapon of choice at university – Shareaza – has a beta of the forthcoming 1.9 version available. At the moment, it can only access the legacy Gnutella network along with the newer Gnutella2 network, but with this new version, support for the eDonkiey2000 and BitTorrent networks is being added, and all 4 systems can be searched symiltaneously. In my review of the program back in January, I said that the program’s only real weakness was the lack of available files, so this is good news.
Although it doesn’t go as far as including support for the WinMX Peer Network and the ubiquitus FastTrack network used by the evil KaZaA, it’s a step in the right direction. The combination of an attractive interface, low memory footprint and lack of spyware has already won my heart – hopefully a network improvement will win over my mind too.
Useless fact: I’ve said the word ‘network’ 6 times in this post.

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  1. I used Shareaza for quite a while now, and I can’t say that it lacks files. It serves my needs.
    Because of my router, however, any kind of a P2P application performs at 1% of its ability. But that’s a whole different story. 🙂