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A quick change

Just to let you know, I’ve configured Movable Type so that it does not add the Trackback auto discovery code to the main index page. This means that the data will only be discovered if you use the link to the actual page (as in /entries/000xxx.html) rather than an anchor on the home page (as in /#axxx). I seriously doubt any of you are using the second method, but if you are, this is your wake up call. The archive pages will still have the data.
I felt it was a little pointless having 700 bytes of excess code for every entry on the main page – assuming I enter two entries a day, that’s 14 x 700, which is nearing 10KB excess code on the home page. As such, the page should download quicker and my bandwidth limit will hopefully now go further.

One Comment

  1. Well in that case, it might be better to have the permalink point to the main archive page and not the anchor ref…… – just checked my main template and it doesn’t link to an anchor – just to the main page.