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New Smileys!

While browsing Phoenity, the home of a common skin for Firebird, Thuderbird, K-Meleon, Camino, Safari, w.bloggar and gawd knows what else, I came across Phoenity Smilies, which has various smileys in the same theme. And they look really cool :-D.
So, as you can probably imagine, I’ve implemented them here, since they’re free to use and distribute. So, say hello to the new set:
🙂 🙁 😉 😮 >:-) 😀 :’-( :-O 😐 :-/
Cool, aren’t they?


  1. I like – I like alot!

  2. Nice and all, but how do you change the smileys in Mozilla? I haven’t a clue where to look… please email me if you know… thanks. ^_^

  3. i want these icons