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Stinky Sweaters

My clothes smell somewhat strange this morning – a cross between Febreeze and cigarette smoke. This is mostly because I was in the pub (again) last night and didn’t use enough Febreeze to get the cigarette smell out.
I had my final lecture of the first year today! I now have a week off before my first exam to revise. The annoying thing is that my final lecture was at 9am this morning – and finished at 10am. A bit of an anti-climax if you ask me, particularly as only about 30 people bothered to turn up.
And finally a word on NewsMonster – sadly I had to trash it. It kept crashing Mozilla, but that’s probably because I’m using 1.4 beta and not a stable release. I’ll certainly be coming back to it once a stable build of 1.4 is available, though. If you do want to try it, you can be assured that the uninstall procedure is very easy, and it works.

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