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NewsMonster – the Redux

Many moons ago, when NewsMonster first reared its monsterous head, I gave it a whirl. While I was impressed by its integration with Mozilla and its power, at the time I had reservations – the agregator ceased to work after the first agregation and it was a bulky Java program.
However, since then, things have changed, and the latest version may well be the news reader for me. The agregator is much improved – while it does still use Java it isn’t a bulky applet that runs separately – it now has a tab on the NewsMonster sidebar. It’s much faster, and doesn’t suck up huge amounts of memory – okay, so the Java plugin has to be loaded but then any web page which requires Java needs it. Adding feeds isn’t too difficult either, although a nice feature would be to be able to right-click on a link and select ‘Add to Newsmonster’.
Still, I am very impressed. Despite its warnings about not working in beta versions of Mozilla I’m having no problems with 1.4b so far.

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