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Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition

The party last night wasn’t particularly big or messy (although the kitchen it occurred in is now full of burst balloons and confetti), but it was good. My present was a photo frame with some of the (better) photos that I’d taken of the birthday girl throughout the year – an idea I had with about 5 hours before the party started. Which meant I had to find somewhere which sold photo frames, and was open on a Sunday.
Now, despite the UK’s unnecessarily strict Christian-biased Sunday trading laws, most shops are usually open on Sundays. Except yesterday was the anniversary of the Bradford City Disaster, when a fire broke out in the Valley Parade stadium during a football game against Lincoln City, killing 56 and injuring a further 300. So, as a result, I’m guessing many shops in the city centre, including the whole of the Kirkgate Centre, were shut as a mark of respect. So I ended up having to go right out to Tesco. Admittedly it is only half-an-hour’s walk away from where I live, but when you have to walk back with 4 litres of cola (it was buy one get one free), your hands do tend to ache after a while. And Bradford isn’t exactly flat either.
But the present went down well, which was a relief. After the presents had been opened, we went to the pub over the road, which despite being within staggering distance of my room, it was the first time I’d been there since before Christmas. It probably has something to do with it being rather expensive and a little dull, but, anyway, I had a good time chatting, even if we did get the Spanish Inquisition at one point (a group of musicians came in and started playing, and then went around collecting money. Which is great, except we’re students so by definition we don’t have any money).
The pub was also full of West Ham supporters who looked like they were drowning their sorrows in beer. In case you don’t follow English football, West Ham were relegated from the Premiership yesterday.

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