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Keeping up with the Jones’

I’ve now got the main page back up to the XHTML 1.1 standard. I’ve been a little hesitant in the past because Mozilla would make the header larger if I went above 1.0 Transitional, which would mean you’d see a blue strip below the logo, but I managed to fix that with a single extra line in the style sheet.
The page now also uses Unicode, however I was forced to stop short of including the standard XML declaration which you are supposed to include in all XML documents. The reason for this is that IE inflates the text size when you do that, so the fonts were much larger than my liking. Quite why it does that I have no idea, but then we all know that IE’s rendering engine sucks.
Finally, I cut another couple of unused lines out of the style sheet, so today’s addition won’t affect the file size. Both the page and the style sheet still validate though, which is nice.

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