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Crash Test Dummy

The dreaded blue screen of death has reared its head a couple of times over the past few days. It’s a problem with my modem driver, although normally it only crashes it when you disconnect the modem. This time, it happened while I was in bed, asleep, which is odd because I’ve not allowed the connection to auto-dial and the modem was definitely off when I left it.
Anyway, I submitted the crash report to MS, and then went through their Online Crash Analysis. Last time I didn’t because it doesn’t work in Mozilla – it tests for a version of Netscape higher than 6, yet Mozilla identifies itself in effect as Netscape 5, so it was rejected. Yeah, it’s stupid, but then that’s browser sniffing for you.
Anyhow, this time, rather than asking me for further details, it told me: The Online Crash Analysis service has processed and analyzed this report and has determined that this crash event was likely caused by: Smart Link Modem Driver and then told me where to get an updated driver. Which was awfully nice of it.
So hopefully that problem will pass over. The thing is, this crashing problem has been happening since September, in some cases with data loss (though it’s either been unimportant data or data that is replacable), yet it’s taken Smart Link until April 23rd to release a fixed driver. Not good.

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