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Shameful shaving

The above two images are me before and after shaving. You see, when a student…. okay, a male student…. okay, a single male student moves away from home for the first time, one of the things he does is grow a beard. After all, you don’t have mothers/aunties/grandmothers nagging at you, saying that you look like a doormat/hedgehog, and besides, it’s less effort.
I managed 9 days, having last shaved on April 30th, which incidentally was the last time I went out on an evening. I’m hoping to go out tonight, but in the abscence of willing friends it is looking decreasingly likely, however I still decided that it was about time I relieved myself of facial hair. I was getting tired of getting mayonnaise and related foodstuffs stuck in it, and it didn’t look particularly attractive. And besides, I have a new razor.

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  1. my god neil, you sexy beast, you truely are a gift to all women, that rugged stubble to baby soft skin in 1 day, I’m trembling