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Mozilla 1.4 Beta

Mozilla 1.4 Beta is out, so of course, I had to install it :).
You may remember my experience with 1.4 Alpha wasn’t great – the change in how Mozilla handled the opening of new tabs annoyed me to the point at which I went back to 1.3 (1.3.1 final was also released today if you’re less adventurous). That’s been fixed – you can now choose what happens when a new tab is opened, and the default behaviour is set to how it’s always been, which is good.
It’s also nice to have smooth scrolling back – I complained about it last time but now I like it. Another longstanding peeve of mine was that if you downloaded an executable, you couldn’t automatically click ‘Launch file’ – you had to copy the path, go to Start, Run, paste in the path and then click OK. Now you can, which should save a lot of effort in my part.
On the whole, I’m impressed – 1.4 will, in my opinion, be the best Mozilla release yet, although 1.5, with the inclusion of Mozilla Firebird, looks to be even better.

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