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Paypal Hiatus

I’m on an enforced break from PayPal. As you may or may not have realised, the old blog has deceased, due to a hack attempt which saw almost all of the data on the host server being deleted. It’s also deleted my account information, so I have no FTP or email access to that account. And my PayPal account was with that email address.
What’s more, it wouldn’t accept my password. I’m sure it’s correct because it’s worked before, but PayPal was having none of it (I’m hoping that didn’t get hacked too). But, there is hope. I’ve gone through the password recovery system, giving over my Switch card number, and a new password will be sent by snail mail. Unfortunately, being based outside the US means that the password will take 10-14 days to arrive, and it will be sent to my home address, so I’ll have to phone my parents when it arrives.
It’s annoying, but I am relieved that even if you can’t remember your password and have a duff email account, there’s still a way out.

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