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Llandegley International Airport

Today’s Notes & Queries, a weekly column in The Guardian G2, includes a request for information by a reader about Llandegley International Airport. For those who don’t know, which I imagine will be just about all of you, Llandegley is a village in the county of Powys in Wales. In the village, there are several signs for this airport, yet the land contours in the area would make it almost impossible for an airport to exist. And no-one’s ever heard of it either.
It is, in fact, a hoax – probably wishful thinking on the part of the locals, as evidenced by this parliamentary discussion on 12th March 2003 about declining industry and poor transport links in rural Wales. So, I wrote in to the Guardian with my answer, in the hope that it will be printed next week :).
If it is, it’ll be the third time I’ve had a letter featured – I’ve popped up twice before in the Online section. Once was about using Hotmail in Outlook Express, and the second was about the pros and cons of using RealMedia and Windows Media – in both cases, they are the second letter on the page. I also had a link to this site included when I sent in a press release about Opera 7 Bork Edition.
You could say I was obsessed, but then this latest submission was based on the first result on a Google search for Llandegley Airport. It’s not it took any real effort to uncover the information.

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  1. I am responsible for the Llandegley International airport sign. You can see my explanation for it on the Notes&Queries website.
    There is also a holding website:
    which I intend to improve in the near future.
    Best Regards,
    N. Whitehead.