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Feed my Klips

Yesterday, occasional commenter troworld brought up the idea of having a Kilp feed, to go along with my RSS feeds. Although he linked to some instructions, when I read through it, it did appear to require some effort to get working. Now that may have had something to do with me reading it at 7:30am, so my brain may well have been functioning at sub-optimal performance, but do any of you guys feel that this feature is warranted? It seems like overkill going through all of that just to satisfy one user.
It also annoys me the KlipFolio, the application that reads Kilp feeds, does not have better RSS support. Let’s face it – RSS is now the de-facto standard for syndication of documents, and has been designed to be extensible so that new features can be added easily. Why bother creating a new format when a perfectly good one already exists?
Another question – do you really think I need 3 RSS feeds? I need the RSS 0.91 feed for compatibility with older/more basic feed readers like, err, FeedReader, and RSS 2.0 has more features. Should I ditch the RSS 1.0 feed? It does have a few unique things in it, but only a handful of readers actually understand its extensions, so I’m unsure if I really need to bother. Your comments are welcome.


  1. Personally I’d ditch 2.0 and keep 1.0 and maybe 0.91.
    Maybe I’ve missed the point, but I can’t see 2.0 as anything but a bastardised 0.9x anyway.

  2. Ditching 1.0 is fine by me.
    About KlipFolio. It actually has a Klip called Feed Viewer, that converts a standard RSS feed into a Klip feed, but with limited features.
    I guess if I’m the only one who uses KlipFolio here, it really doesn’t make sense for you to waste your time converting your site so it could work with Klip. I’m satisfied with Feed Viewer and your RSS 2.0.

  3. i don’t even know what version of the rss feed I read!