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The New Blogger

Screenshot of the new Blogger interfaceYou may already know that there’s a new version of Blogger on the way, but until recently you couldn’t test it. Fortunately you now can, so I resurrected my Blogger account (I had to retrieve my password since I’ve not used it in over 6 months) and had a fiddle around.
The new interface is great. Unlike the old one, it actually works well on Mozilla, and isn’t boring and grey. That said, it’s more of an evolution rather than a revolution, so users who are migrating to the new system won’t have too much trouble finding the options.
It also outputs some nicer code – here’s a test page that I knocked up using one of the 5 built-in styles (no doubt more are on the way). Certainly, the prospect of getting the pages to validate by the W3C specs is now a possibility, although it’s use of the line break between paragraphs means it may not do so well in the accessability arena. But it’s a step in the right direction.
It’s not enough to make me go back to Blogger though – I love Movable Type too much.


  1. Speaking of loving Moveable Type, I was wondering if you’d consider making a Klip feed for your blog? I, for one, would appreciate it greatly, since I’ve decided that Klip is a lot better than most RSS aggregators (you can have a specific Klip that would read RSS for you) that I’ve used. I’m moving all my RSS feeds to Klip.
    Check this post for one user’s experience with Moveable Type and Klip. I think it’s very easy to alter your MT code so it would work with the latter.

  2. Jolly Good show old chap.
    I had a great-grandad who used to talk like that all the time, it was bizarre to say the least.

  3. Hey, this is the “one user”, listed at the top of the page. Feel free to ask me any questions through my website on this, as it is quite easy to set this deal up, and I’d like to see more bloggers on the Klips.