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TextAloud MP3

Today, I’ve been playing around with a trial version of TextAloud MP3, to see how good it is. For someone, who, apart from a mild astigmatism, has near perfect eyesight, its only use is as a toy, or for times when I really cannot be bothered to sit down and read something. But, I imagine if you are visually impaired, it may be quite helpful.
It is like listening to Stephen Hawking’s daughter (ie the voice is very wooden and generated), but it does have novelty value, and you can add more speech packs. It does cope surprisingly well with some obscure words, though sometimes it pronounces them slightly wrong. But I’m impressed.
To compare its output, here is the text, available as a TextAlound MP3 file and a file where I have read this myself. And yes, that is my own voice.

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