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I’m feeling rather depressed at the moment. For some reason, despite being surrounded by friends I’m still feeling lonely and unloved, and have spent the evening listening to Lasgo, which is the nearest thing I have to Radiohead. Okay, so they’re almost entirely different, but you probably get my point.
I need a hug :(.


  1. blogging from the heart…

  2. [Hugs Neil in that “I’m not gay, but we’re cool” kind of way] 😉
    Feel better, man.

  3. I know it won’t substitute for a real hug, but…

  4. *hug*
    [has Radiohead MP3s, or can easily get them…]

  5. erm .. a hug would be weird, so how about a friendly pat on the back?
    *pats Neil on the back*