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Blogroll Changes

I’ve made a big change to the blogroll. Firstly, there’s now only 1, not 3 separate ones. The reason for this is that the miscellaneous blogroll was becoming quite large, whereas the other two were shrinking, and because for the second time I’ve had to move a blog out of one of the retired blogrolls (Tony has parted company with Lockergnome – the details are here).
I also feel a little greedy having 3 blogrolls when, as a non-contributing member of BlogRolling, I should only have 1 (I added the others while the option was still available for free members). And making three requests to BlogRolling’s servers probably drains it more than making one larger request, so Jason should be happier.
It also allows me to do some cool things. Firstly, the rolls are now ordered by their last updates times, so the most recently updated ones are at the top. It does mean that those who don’t/no longer ping or The Pinger will end up at the bottom, but I think that’s now only MozillaZine and
Secondly, an OPML version of the blogroll is available – it’s attached to this page using a link statement, ready for importing into your newsreader du jour.
Finally, the links are in groups of five so that you don’t get a huge great list.

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