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Now who lives in a house like this?

Although I’m moving out in 5 weeks, here are a few shots of my room at Uni, taken with my digital camera. It was inspired by Kim’s frolics with a digital camera which inspired it, but also because I’d tidied up today while waiting for my washing to… wash. I managed to waste £1.60 on a dryer that decided not to spin, meaning that some of my clothes were drenched and the others were bone dry. Hmph.
Um, yeah, anyway. This is an extended entry, so you’ll have to click ‘Continue Reading’. All the images can be enlarged by clicking on them, should you wish.

This is my bed. Or rather, the bed that was provided with my sheets and duvet cover. Next to it is my bedside table which is usually piled high with junk, but also contains useful things like my asthma medecines and my alarm clock.

And this is my desk. Tv, video, printer, computer and stereo all live here, along with more junk – again, I’ve tidied up a bit here. The fact that you can actually see wood is a testiment to that.

This is my sink. The postcards around it are ones that I’ve picked up while I’ve been here, with the aim of making the room a little brighter. And that’s me in the mirror.

The corridor outside. Not very interesting, but my room is the third on the right.

This is the kitchen I share with the others on my corridor. I’ve yet to work out why we have 2 kettles.

On t’other side of the breakfast bar is the seldom-used dining area, and the noticeboard, of which ours is one of the more sparse ones. It’s mostly full of announcements from halls staff (your room will be temporarily invaded on…) and events that happened in September that no-ones taken off the board.

And finally the lift area. That lift was actually working too, which is amazing.

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