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The end of a hard week

This has to have been one of the more stressful weeks for me, what with having so much work to do, but, it’s finally over. All of my coursework is now done, with the final one to be handed in today, and there’s only a few lectures today.
Although I am up early, my excuse is that I have another 9am lecture, and this time I did get a good night’s sleep – clocking in at 10:30pm last night. Whether I’ll go out tonight, bearing in mind I have to be awake at 7am tomorrow, remains to be seen, but it may be unlikely at this rate.
Oh, and congrats to the York Liberal Deomcrats who took control of the council from Labour, and a middle finger to the BNP who didn’t manage to get any seats in Bradford. Serves you lot right, really.


  1. Hmm.. Middle finger going out to the BNP, I figure your reason for that might have something to do w/ the fact that *some* certain people believe them to be racist, right?
    I’m against racist people, I *hate* them, they piss me off however I don’t think all members of the BNP are and they do have a good point or two.
    Of course I’m jus assuming that is the reason why you’d like to give them the middle finger *grins* no doubt I’ll be wrong.. But then you didn’t exactly explain your reasons for wanting to do so =/
    I’ll shush now. Like reading the blog, more posts like the above would be good, jus so that I can moan about them. I mean it’s what British people do best, moan and complain about things.
    Yes so RaRR! I have nada more to say right now.. Gone =)

  2. Actually I posted several reasons why I don’t like the BNP in ‘Polling Power‘ and ‘More BNP Information‘. They talk bollocks about asylum seekers, as evidenced by a a lengthy Guardian article which also digs at ‘newspapers’ such as The Sun, Daily Mail and Daily Express.
    As it is I will never vote for the BNP in their current form.

  3. aslyum seekers are pathetic, look at thye figures, how many we take in, how much benefits we give, we are takin in well too many

  4. Again, bollocks. Money given to asylum seekers may seem a lot, yet it’s only a minute fraction of the total money the government spends each year. We waste more money on failed IT projects than we do on asylum seekers. And migrant workers generate more than double that, which goes back into the economy, so everyone benefits.
    And we actually have room for hundreds more. The tabloids go on about the UK being “swamped” yet in reality we don’t get that many.
    As for benefits, asylum seekers get less than us students do. And think how difficult it is for us to live on a student loan – and of course we can get overdrafts, they can’t.
    The UK also has a massive shortage in the sorts of manual jobs asylum seekers would be good at – basic unskilled work.
    Finally, you have to remember that many seekers are escaping torture and persecution in their own countries. The least we could do is be compassionate.

  5. erm…incase u ant noticed, we as students get nothing…incase u have not realised neil…ITS A LOAN… a loan u need to pay back, aslyum seekers get..benfits, thewy keep this money, wow lucky them…free money eh? well i want free money but i av to work for it. hang on a minute….u say they flee persecution…well want u against the war? ok it may not of been the main factor, but it was a factor, its ok sayin yeah come over here, but its us that have to pay incresing taxes, etc, i may not support bnp but hey, live wi it, they are there, but there are too many aslyum seekers coming into our country, ok some may come to flee torture etc, fair enuf, some shud come. but way too many are been brought into britain. sure u wud be disagreein if ya nice neighbourhood was overtaken bak in york with aslyum seekers put there? yes u wud, more crime, rubbish etc. i think u expect everything to be fairy. its not.

  6. Not necessarily. Teach ’em English, give ’em a few skills and they can pay back all of those benefits and more.

  7. do this do that, do that in their own country. n u say shortage of manual jobs? er…where u lookin? there is no shortage, manufacturing industry is declining, n many or the low paid jobs are demanded by ourselves…students, cum off it, many aslyum seekers do not work, its just not fair that some english people are poorer than aslyum seekers, go to london, view the street crime, see who it is then.

  8. “me”, what this country clearly isn’t spending its money on properly is education. You can’t spell for sh*t, a lot of the asylum seekers are probably better at English than you are. They deserve more money than you; they’re mostly hard working, most of them are *not* criminals, and do you not think they’ve had a hard enough time being persecuted (many tortured) in their own country, without a “civilised” country sending them back to it all?

  9. hahaha cant beleive how petty ya bin pikin out ma spellin, wats rong ya strugglin to understand my slang? thik twat. i do beleive some need money, people who are in desperate need, but britain is currently takin on too many, the gov’t has started to realise, wat you seem to think that money grows on trees; yeah thets give money to all people who need it, it doesnt happen, thats life. evry1 is entitled to their political views, far right …far left, thats a democracy u can have your own views, i am mainly a liberal person myself, but i feel although BNP are v.extreme, i beleive we are takin in too many aslyum seekers……..oh yeah and harry, your a sad twat, pickin up on spellin, i probs got a beta education than you. oh yeah and ur a *wanka*…..oh fun fun fun.

  10. Yes, it does sound like you had a ‘beta’ education ;).

  11. >> wats rong ya strugglin to understand my slang
    You’re so cool, teach me how to be like you, teach me how to speak da lingo! 😉

  12. i did get a beta education than u neil, wat wa ur alevels again?..neway fed up of replyin now, i rite like this so i can type fasta. if thats ok wiv u? if not i will obviously go by your rules then. not. do wat i want.

  13. LOL. Shame education doesn’t determine intellect, eh? “do wat i want” is just the kind of attitude your future employer will be looking for. And the reason they will get rid of you as soon as they find out.

  14. thats y i am taken a corse to meke sure i am the employer, neway u2 r like a cuple of skool hkids! haha. bye bye. mwah! luv ya loads.