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The working day is done

Phew. All my work is now done. What a relief.
I’ve had a really busy and tiring day today though, and in fact I nearly did fall asleep in my programming lecture. The good news is that lecture-wise it’s downhill from here – at least one lecture is cancelled next week and I have 2 cancelled the week after, with no lectures at all on the Wednesday :-D.
It also means that I don’t have any lectures on a Thursday morning from now on, which’ll be handy as I may be going out in Leeds this Wednesday (if not, then it’s the week after). It’ll almost certainly be Creation again, I imagine.
I have no idea whether I’m going to go to the FND tomorrow – it depends how I feel. I’m intending to go into town to get my camera film developed (it got used a few times last night) and have a spot of retail therapy, so I may be a little tired. I think I’d better have an early night tonight.

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