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Another month, another early morning

Remind me to buy some Horlicks or something – this waking up at silly times in the morning is getting stupid. Especially as I didn’t get to sleep until about 2:30am this morning.
Yes, I went out, as did (eventually) just about everyone else. And did have rather a lot to drink, though my excuse this time was that Bambooza now has three-for-one offers (yes, three), so naturally I had to buy 3. The intention was that one of my friends would drink the third, but she ended up with a pint of lager from someone else, so I drank all 3. Unfortuantely the easter holidays had made me forget that K2 Blue tastes like diluted cough medecine, and I had 3 bottles of the damn stuff to drink. Bah.
We then nipped inside Walkabout for a couple of drinks (Reef in my case) and to use their lavatory facilities, before ending up at Livingstones just in time for 11pm when they start charging for entry. All in all, it was one of the better nights I’ve had out, bolstered by some genuininely good music being played – mmmm…. JPS Project….
Moneywise I spent £11.65 – £2.85 on 3 drinks at Bambooza, £3.00 on 2 at Walkabout and £3.20 on one at Livinstones, plus a couple of cokes that summed to £2.60 – I realised at about 11:30pm that I was starting to wobble slightly so I cut out the alcohol.
So, today. It’s arguably a day from hell – I have some work that’s due in 7 hours that is only half complete, and some more tomorrow that is, as yet, unstarted. But then it is Maths, so while I may well start it, whether I actually finish any of the questions is another matter. Judging by what others have said, it’s going to be unlikely :(.

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  1. wow 6 bottles, im sure 9 glasses of vodka and lemonade has less alcohol content in it, oh and then 5 or 6 more in other pubs. so lets say 14 glasses. But those bottle are so alcoholic over 5%. behold your liver of steel