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Return of the Referrals

I’ve resurrected the referral script. I originally installed it in early January, but it’s been gone for the past couple of months due to the server problems. It’s nice to see where people come from, and this does the job admirably.
I’m employing the same script as before – Refer from Textism – but I may make some changes having looked at the source code. One of Refer’s cool features is to output the data as an RSS feed, however it only uses RSS 0.91. My plan is to upgrade it to RSS 2.0 (or add it as a separate option), adding things like formal date fields and more metadata in the header. From what I gather, the script is uncopyrighted, so it’s within my right to do this, and perhaps even sendthe updated copy back to the author as version 1.2.
I love open source tools.

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