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Oh, the pain

I hate layout tables. I hate frames. And I hate projects where they are compulsory. I’ll apologise now for the awful design – I’d have loved to use this site but since there layout is all CSS it wouldn’t have fitted the requirements.
What was more embarrasing was that I’d actually forgotten the frames HTML syntax, and had to actually look it up in the W3C specs. It shows you how long ago it was since I last used them – probably over 2 years ago by my reckoning.
I did also slide in another enhancement to this site – if an entry has been extended, then the RSS feeds will reflect this and give a link to read the rest of the article. Having looked at some of these extended entries through a feed reader I realised that it wasn’t always obvious that an entry had been truncated, so hopefully this will make it easier. All feeds were updated with this, and you can include the modification on your own Movable Type blog by downloading rss20.tmpl and adding it as a template, as always.


  1. It’s good to forget about frame syntax.
    I tend never to bookmark the home page and always bookmark an article within the site. Frames prevent me from doing this.

  2. Ditto: especially now you can emulate frames with CSS (admittedly you have to include a little “hack” to get it to work correctly on IE).