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Another day, another early start

I’m awake before 8am again today, despite it being 1am before I was in bed last night :(. No, I didn’t go out – I was trying to fix my next-door neighbour’s computer, and as it was, rather than fix it, I managed to hose his sound card and CD-ROM drivers. Ooops. Since I had a somewhat guilty, I decided to stay up and at least get it back to a working state, which involved doing a full repair job on his XP installation since he didn’t have System Restore running. It does now work though, so I’ll try plan B this afternoon.
I do have a good reason for an early start today – I have a lecture in an hour’s time. Yay, 9am lectures :(.


  1. Hose?
    as in water and green rubber garden hose?

  2. hose vt. [common] To make non-functional or greatly degraded in performance. “That big ray-tracing program really hoses the system.”
    It’s an Americanism that I seem to have picked up.

  3. Ahhh – I was wondering.
    Thank you.