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More dial-up moaning

I’m afraid I’m going to have to rant about this again today. Last night I simply gave up trying to get on the net – it still wouldn’t connect after over 100 attempts. 100!
Even this morning, it took 5 attempts, and this was 7:30am (a time that doesn’t exist in most students’ minds) – but I think this was a glitch in the authentification system as it was timing out when verifying my credentials (but it worked in the end).
And the hoo-hah about the merger makes it all worse. Why does the university feel justified in spending all this money on a new name, rather than on its staff and students? £20 000 would buy you several new lines. Admittedly, I imagine most students aren’t using it for entirely academic purposes, which is why the connection is provided, but then most young people these days see internet access almost as a right, not a priviledge.
So I spent about 5 hours last night chatting and socialising instead, which is probably a good thing.
By the way, I discovered something peculiar yesterday. One of my pieces of coursework that’s due in this week is web site design project, and several people were in the labs yesterday battling with it. One of the sites loaded fine on Mozilla, but IE could only display one of its three frames. As it was, the code was wrong, but I found it mildly amusing that Mozilla could handle the page, and IE could not. incidentally, we have to use Mozilla to showcase the web site, so it won’t matter in the end.

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