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Countries I’ve never visted, but want to visit

This is in no particular order.

  1. The USA – I keep hearing so much about US culture, through weblogs and through my American friends in chat rooms. that I want to see it for myself. And I want to go to Gnomedex some day.
  2. Canada – Because it’s apparently half-way between the UK and US culturally.
  3. Germany – Because I spent 4 years learning German and have never had chance to use it.
  4. Ireland – Because it sounds like a really nice place, and Irish people are usually quite nice.
  5. The Netherlands – Amsterdam is supposed to be really nice.
  6. Portugal – Because it’s sunny!

You may be able to guess that I managed to get on the internet, but now can’t think of something to do now that I’m connected. Apparently the problem relates to the lifting of a 2-hour connection time restriction for the easter break – several people had left their modems connected, thus blocking some of the lines. The limit has been re-introduced, and certainly connecting today has been much quicker, although there is room for improvement.

One Comment

  1. If you ever make it to the USA, be sure to keep track of (write down?) the things that you especially notice or are suprised at. I would find that interesting.
    From what I understand, the one thing that seems to get all Europeans is how big the USA is.
    Have fun,