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The morning after the night before

So it’s day 2 back at University. And yes, I am indeed awake at 7:30am. You see, at the end of last week, I was just getting back to my sleeping patterns at home (getting up a 7 and going to bed early). So when I get here, I’m getting tired at 10pm and then waking up at stupid o’clock in the morning when everyone else is still comatosed. Of course, the problem with going to bed at 10:30pm is that people insist on playing loud music at half past midnight, so you don’t actually get to sleep until they do. And then you wake up at 7am. Blarg.
It was good to see everyone again – I’ve met almost everyone and caught up with most of the news from over the easter break. So other than having sleep deprivation, I’m generally happy.
Oh, and there’s cold #4. Normally I bring colds home with me (and then give them to my parents >:-)), but instead, this one decided it was coming to Bradford with me. Yay, thanks.
This is the fourth cold I’ve had since September, though it seems to be somewhat milder than the others. My nose has been a torrent for the past four days (not helped by all the pollen at the flower show, no doubt…), and now my sore throat is kicking in. Fun.
Ah well, at least I can be pretty sure it isn’t SARS – I don’t have a high fever and don’t feel like death. In case you didn’t guess, I’ve had all sorts of emails and notices put under my door about it, since several students come from the far east. Still, we’ve not had that many cases here and no-one here has died from it yet, thankfully.
By the way, for a little amusement, look what someone’s posted on my MSN article (now passed 60 comments…). Yeah, the front page of Yahoo UK has a lot to do with MSN Messenger Plus, doesn’t it? Actually, the whole page is quite entertaining, with people posting the same questions despite them already been answered. I probably should disable comments there sometime, particularly as in 12 hours I’ve had 16 new ones added to it.

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