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Examining the exam timetable

With only 3 weeks to go before the end of term, the exam timetable has been published. In true University of Bradford style, there is one list, with all of the exams that are running this summer. Fortunately it’s on the intranet, so it only took a few minutes with Mozilla’s cool Find as you Type feature to find out which ones I’d have to endure.
As it is, I only have 3 exams (thankfully) – Software Development (Tools and Design), Formal Foundations and Computer Architecture & Systems Software. In English, that’s drawing diagrams, hard maths and more hard maths. They’re nicely spaced out – the first one is on 23rd May (2 days before my birthday), the second on May 29th and the last one on June 2nd. They also get progressively longer, starting at 2 hours, then 3, and finally 3

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