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Reasons for switching to Firebird

The Mozilla Organisation has published a page describing why you should switch to Firebird. It’s mostly aimed at non-Mozilla users but it does mention a few features that Mozilla doesn’t (yet) have.
It’s in a remarkably similar style to Apple’s Safari home page. Interesting.
Thanks to MozillaZine


  1. I have been using Phoenix on a regular basis and love it. (IE still wins on a few areas still so I’m not completely moved over yet)

  2. That page looks really good – I’m downloading it now – I love the tab browsing in Mozilla and AvantBrowser for IE, and really miss it when using IE….I’ll let you know how I get on!

  3. Don’t know, I looked at it, Opera seems to have everything that Firebird does. I’ll stick with my favourite Opera 7 for now 🙂