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Licensed behaviour

You’ll have hopefully noticed by now that I license my writings under a Creative Commons license, which bascially allows you to do what you like with it as long as you give me credit for it (that applies for both the weblog text and the design, if you were wondering).

Thanks to a handy RDF namespace, the fact that I have a Creative Commons license is included in my RSS 1.0 feed, with a link to the license page – the idea being that newsreaders can parse this and thus know what copyright restrictions apply. In fact, Syndic8 has a list of feeds with licenses. But such a thing was never included in the RSS 2.0 feed.

Okay, you can probably guess the next bit, but I’ll explain anyway – the RSS 2.0 feed now includes a line which describes which license it is using.

Since I’ve made various changes to my RSS feed that you may wish to implement yourself, here’s the template. It adds support for the comments URL, spam protection and has been ‘limey-fied’, so it uses en-gb instead of en-us. The link is ‘live’, so any future changes I make to the RSS feed will be reflected automatically. And it validates, too.

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