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ODP Weblog Redesign

The ODP is largely down this weekend for long-overdue server upgrades (we’re moving to Linux baby!) so I’ve found something else to pour my creative juices into in the meantime.
As you may have gathered from my blurb, I also write for the ODP Weblog, a community blog run by ODP editors. The thing is, the design is rather tired. It’s loosely based on the existing ODP design, and coded in HTML 3.02, which leads to a rather dull design built on somewhat scruffy code.
So I redesigned it. It’s now up to valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional, and all formatting is controlled by CSS. In fact the stylesheet is derived from the one I used for this site, since it works alright.
I haven’t got through to Ciaran yet to see if he can incorporate this new design into his blogging software, but I imagine he’ll find out sooner or later.
By the way, thanks for the positive comments/emails/ICQ IMs about the previous entry, I really appreciate it.


  1. Although I am not sure how to fix this (you might want to ask someone else), check out the way the header looks in Opera 7. See how there are two different greens in the header? Looks blocky, doesn’t it?
    Good work on the redesign, though. It looks much better than the original one.

  2. I’ve had that reported in Safari on the Mac too. I’ll look into it. Seems to work okay on IE and Mozilla in Windows, and on Mozilla/Phoenix on Linux.